3rd Degree by James Patterson


Someone gave me a used copy of this book years ago, and it’s been tucked away on my bookshelf ever since. I’d never heard of the author before, and neither the title of the novel nor the cover did much to excite me. I decided to give it a go after reading that James Patterson was the #1 top earning author in 2014, earning an amazing US$ 90 million!!! “Who is this guy,” I thought. According to the article on Forbes, he publishes like 14 books a year (!) and has earned US$ 700 million in the last decade, selling 300 million copies of his books, which also include books for children and young adults.

He’s nothing short of a writing machine! I don’t think he has many cases of writer’s block…

Having read this book now, I really wish I’d done it sooner. What a page-turner! It’s incredibly fast paced and reads just like a movie… There’s a perfect mix of action, suspense, drama and romance to keep you reading, reading and reading until it you finish.

After I’d read the novel, I found out that it’s the third novel in the so-called “Women’s Murder Club” series. However, you can still read it even though you haven’t read the first two. The author gives enough backstory for the reader to get to know the main characters without any problems.

This would be the perfect novel to bring if you’re traveling and to read on a plane, on a train, on a bus or in a car (if you don’t get motion sickness!) or just to read on a day where you don’t have anything else to do.

I normally don’t read super fast, but if I don’t have anything to do, I can easily read a novel (about 3-400 pages) in a few days…if it’s any good, of course. I read this one in just over a day.

What I love most about reading is when you get your hands on a novel that draws you in, so you completely forget your whereabouts. This novel does exactly that.

If you love watching police series on TV or movies, you’ll love this novel. The story begins with an exploding house and revolves around the four, female characters: A police detective trying to figure out who set off the bomb, a medical examiner, a reporter and a district attorney. Throughout the story there are enough clues to keep you guessing in order to find out who did it!


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