What’s Your Trump Card?

trumptime1In life, there’s always room for more education, experience and improvement. It doesn’t matter how smart, skilled and successful you already are…you should never stop moving forward, never stop learning and becoming a better version of yourself.

So, in my recent endeavors to improve on myself and hopefully my business, I started committing myself to reading books about business and books written by successful business people. I recently felt the desire to become more professional all around. Not that think I’ve been unprofessional up until this point, but, again, there’s always room for improvement!

One book, which I just read, and would recommend to anyone looking for sound advice from a successful business woman is The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life by Ivanka Trump.

It’s an easy and quick read, and once you get past the initial pages where she gushes about her oh-so-fabulous life, wealth and fortune and the parts in between where she gushes about her amazing father (Donald Trump – The Don), you’ll find that she does offer a lot of sound advice. Yes, this is particularly common sense advice that may seem obvious to a lot of people. But still, it’s nice to read and/or be reminded of elementary things like how to dress, be on time, etc., even if it’s nothing groundbreaking.

If you’re just starting out in business, any business, or have just graduated and looking for that first job, then I’d recommend this book. Also, if you’re just in need of a brush-up or some reminders and inspiration to get your mind going in a more professional way, then I’d also recommend this book.

It’s for sure one that I’ll come back to and re-read quotes from in order to remind myself to keep on track in my professional life and business.


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