A Year of Books and Other Resolutions


We’re well into the new year and it’s been a slow start for me…too much work and too little energy. I usually make a few New Year’s resolutions, which always include “health & fitness”, but this year it slipped my mind and now I’m thinking “I’ve gotta have some goals!”

Mark Zuckerberg proposed his New Year’s resolution – A Year of Books, which I’m totally excited about. So excited, in fact, that I’ve decided to jump on it and take it as my own. It fits well with this blog too, so I’m hoping to expand on that. He’s reading a new book every two weeks to

(…) emphasize learning about new cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies. (From the Facebook page A Year of Books).

I might follow him and his reading list – I might not. I’m still undecided. Yesterday I found this great 2015 Reading Challenge on Pinterest, which would have me reading 52 books in a year (click on the image below twice to enlarge it). I’m not sure that I can read a book in a week, because sometimes I just don’t have the time, but I definitely find this challenge interesting! Right now, though, I’m still working my way through the John Grisham novel The Summons, which unfortunately isn’t very good (!). Hopefully, I’ll finish it today as I’m taking a day off-ish from work.

2015 Reading Challenge

I was looking online for challenges, thinking that perhaps 2015 could be A Year of Challenges for me. A quick search on Pinterest yields plenty of interesting options to use as inspiration.

I’d love to do the following challenges (in no particular order):

1. Reading (do the reading challenge above – pick randomly or start from the top?)

2. Writing / Blogging (write / blog every day and post at least once a week)

3. Clean eating / vegetarian (eat clean daily, eat vegetarian every 2nd day)

4. Fitness / running / yoga (go running 3 times a week, do yoga 3 times a week)

5. Organizing / cleaning (organize daily and stay organized – strive for minimalism)

6. Educational (learn something new every day to become smarter, more educated)

7. Traveling (travel a lot … and keep a travel journal)

8. Tea (drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day)

I don’t know if it’s too much or too little or just right. For now, though, I think I’ll pick a few in order to be able to stick with them.

Happy New Year and hope YOU make the best of your own resolutions 🙂


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