Book #4 of the 2015 Reading Challenge – Eat & Run by Scott Jurek


Read a non-fiction book. Read a book based on a true story.

I like to think of myself as a runner, although I only run 3 times a week…slowly and not very far (about 2 miles). Nevertheless, I run so therefore I am a runner.

I’m not a runner like Scott Jurek, though. I never will be nor do I want to be. He’s an ultramarathoner, someone who runs a hundreds of miles in a single go! According to the short bio included in the book, Scott Jurek is

(…) a world-renowned ultramarathon champion who trains and races on a vegan diet.

He describes himself as

(…) an ultramarathoner. So I compete in any footrace longer than the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. In point of fact, though, I have fashioned a career from running and winning races of at least 50 miles, most often 100, and every so often 135 and 150 miles (page 2).

We run with bruised bones and scraped skin (page 5).

Can you imagine running 100 miles or more? At the level where I’m at, I look up to people who can run a 10K and running a marathon to me seems impossible. But running 100+ miles? I’d think you’d have to be a somewhat God-like existence…and crazy to even give it a try.

Eat & Run is a very awe-inspiring autobiography to read and the author gives you a glimpse into his life, struggles with his father, his mother’s illness (to which I can completely relate). It’ll also get you to thinking about why people do the things they do.

Running, I suppose, is a struggle to create balance between the body and the mind. The body may not cooperate, but if the mind isn’t in the game, the body doesn’t matter. Even if I just run a few miles at a time, it’s enough to know that it’s a game of mind over matter – every single time you’re out there.

Eat & Run also puts focus on the health benefits of eating green, clean, plant food. It’s not just environmentally friendly, but, as Jurek writes:

…the more I ate what I thought of then as hippie food, the better I felt – and the better I raced (page 33).

At the end of each chapter, Jurek gives the reader running tips on e.g. how to run with the proper form, how to breathe correctly, etc. He also shares his recipes for vegan dishes that seem easy to make.

Eat & Run gives you a rare view into the life of an ultramarathoner, a simple life that revolves around training, running, eating healthy, creating and maintaining relationships. It’s a world that I never realized existed. Honestly, I never knew there were people out there running such incredible distances.



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