Book #6 of the 2015 Reading Challenge – The Bible


Read a book with more than 500 pages. Read a book more than 100 years old.

Reading the Bible is an ongoing process, which I’m spreading out over a year … or more. Just before Easter, I downloaded a Bible App that has several reading plans you can choose according to theme, occasion, etc. One of the reading plans will have you reading about 10-15 minutes daily in order to read the whole Bible in 365 days. Pretty cool.

Another thing that’s cool is that the app gives you both the option of reading the King James Version (KJV) and the New Living Translation (NLT), which is much easier to read and understand. Every day, it’ll give you a list of verses from the different books and psalms to read and when you’re done, you just cross them off in order to move on to the next day.

I’m not reading the Bible because I’m a very religious person. Although my mother was Catholic and we went to church about once a month back in Denmark when I was young (we later stopped because my mother didn’t like the priest), I didn’t have a religious upbringing. My father is an atheist and always believed that religion shouldn’t be forced on me, but that it should be something I should choose for myself when I was old enough to understand…if I wanted to. To me that makes a lot of sense.

Now that I AM old enough to understand, I have to admit that I do believe in God. I believe in God as an actual person, who is somewhere up there in the sky, looking down on all of us. And I believe that the spirit of God is in everything and everyone.

Whether you’re religious or not…whether or not you believe in God, I still think that the Bible is something everyone should read. At least once in their lifetime. So many of our life’s events, celebrations and holidays have religious roots and religious elements in them and if anything, reading the Bible will give you a deeper understanding of why we celebrate e.g. Easter, Passover, Lent, etc. If you’re not religious, then read the Bible for the entertainment…for the stories that are actually pretty good.



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