For the love of (free) books

Mors gamle billeder - Oh are you allowed to take it

I love books and I love free books!

I grew up in a house full of books as my dad is an avid reader and the type of person who treasures his books. When I was just a baby (before I could walk), I would worm myself over to the bookshelf and eagerly pull out what my plump little hands could reach. My mom thought I was so cute that she took pictures of me – caught in the act – and then put back the books so my dad wouldn’t get mad. He was afraid that I’d destroy the books, so he gave me some that he was no longer interested in. My very own books have and to hold!!! My interest would, however, soon wane and once again I’d be worming my way back to the bookshelf, back to the forbidden fruit.

When I grew older, we used to go to a used bookstore in town that was owned by an old lady. My dad would get books, and I’d get comics – mostly Donald Duck. That was before my interest in reading books was born, and probably before I could even read properly.

But I followed in my dad’s reading footsteps, although we read and have read very different books. I grew up with a library in town and it was one of my favorite places (it still is when I go home). There’s something about libraries and bookstores that instantly attracts me and even if I don’t get anything, I love just being there, looking and touching everything. It’s my kind of candy store!

I live in a town with no library and no bookstores. I live in a country where I’ve yet to encounter a bookstore. Sure, I’ve seen the occasional (odd) bookshelf at the pharmacy or at the supermarket, but it’s a far cry from the real deal. Seeing people read where I live (except for the tourists on the beach), is a rare thing. Or maybe people just read mostly at home?

I recently had to go to the doctor’s, and as I was waiting in a room full of patients, none of them (except for myself) had a book in their hands. Many did, however, have a cell phone, and the ones I could peek at were busying themselves with chatting, Facebook or some kind of game.

With no libraries or bookstores in sight, I’m thankful for the internet where you can find a lot of free books to download, not to mention and my Kindle.

Just today I came across a website offering free books and to my delight there were several that I didn’t have and have wanted to get – The Great Gatsby, Pride & Prejudice, The Alchemist and Sherlock Holmes. What a treat!

Well, I know that I’ll be reading over the next weeks…

Check it out for yourself at


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