Book #16 of the 2015 reading challenge – From Manhattan with Love (a novella) by Christopher Smith

FullSizeRender(7)Read a thriller. Read a trilogy.

What an odd way of ending a trilogy. In this novella we briefly meet a few familiar characters, Leana Redman, the daughter of millionaire and tycoon George Redman, from the first novel and Carmen Gragera, the assassin from the second novel.

It’s strange to read a story that you assume is supposed to be somehow connected to the previous stories…but turns out isn’t. At least I couldn’t see how, unless this isn’t really a trilogy (anymore) and is in fact the beginning to a new series.

From Manhattan with love starts off with an interesting scenario: Two assassins who each have a contract to kill the other before 9 pm the same evening. Two assassins who just happen to be in love with each other, not knowing they’re supposed to kill the other…but they find out. How do you get out of that one?

They manage and decide to go after the person who sent them on the mission and also take down Leana Redman as a “favor” to Vincent Spocatti (the assassin from the first novel). They succeed and yet they don’t. The final chapter of the novella starts with the happy ending that turns sour and before you know it, everything’s a nightmare.

The only thing left is Leana and the novella ends with her as she decides to begin again and pick up her broken pieces of a life.

I think the first two novels were good, but I couldn’t see the point of the last one…


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