Book #18 of the 2015 reading challenge – 18 & 1/2 Minutes: Nixon’s Darkest Secrets Revealed by Ronald C. Meyer


Read a book with a number in the title.

This is the kind of book that makes you go “I wonder if this is how it really is?”

You might not look at things the same way after reading this incredibly interesting novel. As the title indicates, the story is about those famous 18 1/2 minutes on the Nixon White House tapes …that had been erased. The famous gap that remains a mystery to this day.

But the story is so much deeper than the mere speculations of what is on record. It involves the inventor Nicola Tesla and his invention of the “Tesla coil transmitter” which has the possibility of transferring energy from the Earth’s electrical currents into a usable form of power – usable for both good or bad purposes.

Tesla was Marlowe’s passion. Marlowe was convinced that the 19th century Croatian born inventor had stumbled upon a way to save the planet from the downward spiral of 21st century global problems. Page 61, Kindle location 889

The story goes that in 1899 Tesla built an energy system that wirelessly supplied free electricity to everyone within a fifty-mile radius of Colorado Springs. Page 75, Kindle location 1084

It involves a mysterious man by the name of Jeff White, who apparently is the key to all of the answers, to the mystery of it all.

For a few decades now, there’s been a rumor floating around the world of conspiracy buffs that Jeff White had a hand in erasing what was on those eighteen and a half minutes. Page 40, Kindle location 590

It involves The Club of Athens, a secret society (kind of like Scientology), founded by Ayn Rand (like L. Ron Hubbard) whose members have all been freed or cleared by “The Technique” (like Dianetics). This society controls the world’s money and power and works in the shadows and pulls the strings to every conceivable and inconceivable event happening in the world.

Is this how it really is?

(…) over the last quarter of the 20th century many of these people have shaped most of America’s economic and political structure. (…) In order to make Rand’s philisophy of Objectivism a reality, the Neocons needed to hold the world hostage.

How can they hold an entire world hostage?

Oil. The world’s greatest source of oil for the last fifty years has been the Middle East. Keep the region in constant turmoil, use whatever it takes to keep the region’s people from developing beyond a Stone Age mentality of tribalism and brute force.

(…) It was necessary to stop America, Europe, Asia, the Soviet Union from evolving beyond competing nation states. Ever notice how the media and ultra-traditionalist institutions can’t get beyond the concept of competing nation states?

(…) So they came up with Fallujah. Send inexperienced troops in there, and it was sure to set off a new round of insurgent action, which it did. That way the war would keep going and the Middle East would be further destabilized. Dependence on oil would be heightened. A whole lot of money could be made. But more importantly members of the Club of Athens would always be winners.

Page 149, Kindle location 2094

Meyer has a really great way of weaving actual historical happenings into his fiction, so that you can’t help but pause and think if there’s some truth to what he writes…

The Club of Athens had figured out a long time ago that the masses saw the distribution of wealth has a zero-sum game. There is only so much wealth to go around. They believed, “If I have it, you don’t, so I need to protect it from you.” It was all about fueling the fear that arises from ignorance. Of course, every Club of Athens member who had been cleared through the Technique knew this wasn’t true. Wealth is not a zero-sum game. New wealth was created and controlled by winning the Game.

(…) For a while he had worried with the election of Barack Obama that people were somehow catching on to the Game. But engineering the 2008 financial crisis had pushed everything back to zero. As had always happened since World War 2 the Club of Athens members emerged untouched and richer. Page 206, Kindle location 2796

…and then there’s this last quote that I’ll leave you with that really struck a nerve with me. Especially given the times that we seem to live in with all that is happening in the world right now.

(…) the world’s injustices – – economic inequality, environmental degradation, climate change and perpetrating a pervasive climate of fear. It’s no newsflash to most of you that the world is going to hell. Page 272, Kindle location 3655

Could it be…that somewhere there’s an elite group of people who are secretly orchestrating everything that is happening in the world (war, terror, ISIS, Ebola, etc.) according to some master plan whose only purpose is to secure the wealth – at any means necessary, regardless of the cost of lives?

I’m not thinking about the obvious world leaders, economics, politicians that we see on television. I’m thinking about the people behind them, the ones that work behind the scenes, pulling all the strings, calling the REAL shots. Who are they?

In the end, we do find out how everything fits and what was (supposedly) on the Nixon tapes…what was said during the 18 1/2 minutes. So keep reading.

It’s a pretty good story!


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